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L-Side Table


Introducing our L-Side table, the perfect versatile accent piece that adds more surface area for your drinks, wallet and keys, or even lamps to bring in extra lighting. Whether you're in a cozier space or just need something to positively change the look and feel of your home, this sustainable piece of furniture made from recycled chopsticks is a beautiful addition that's engineered to last a lifetime.



Disposable chopsticks are made from a variety of bamboo and wood species, which provide a beautiful variance of its natural appearances of our finished products. Since bamboo fibers have a higher content of sugars and other extractives, they caramelize and darken from the heat and extreme pressure of our manufacturing process. Products made from our wooden chopsticks on the other hand will have a lighter shade, giving you the flexibility to choose the color that best suits your space.


Dimensions & Impact



We harvest urban resources for our second life products,
which extends the duration of the carbon retained in the wood and bamboo material.

When recycled, processed and engineered,
our material is created for a new, durable lifetime in its second value added use.

Through our ambition of lean sourcing, manufacturing and distribution,
we ensure to maintain a low contribution to our own greenhouse gas emissions
to retain our current carbon negative status.

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